About Us


Beacon TCM new group photo

Beacon TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) was started to further complement Beacon Hospital’s expertise in the cancer treatment. Established in 2022, Beacon TCM is a one-stop treatment centre focused on traditional and complementary medicine aimed to deliver a supplementary approach to cancer treatment using Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Moxibustion, Cupping, Guasha and Tuina as the basis of its practice.

As Beacon Hospital’s complementary medicine treatment facility, Beacon TCM was curated to provide top notch quality care by a team of Chinese Medicine professionals in the field of TCM Oncology, pain management and rehabilitation. At Beacon TCM, we practice collaborative care alongside modern medicine interventions to conceive the best possible solutions to our patients. Our practitioners are constantly kept abreast with the latest information on integrative therapies.

With a devoted concern in wellness, Beacon TCM aspires to bridge the gap between east and west medicine to bring about a comprehensive approach to community health, and to pioneer in collaborative establishments of integrative health, in hopes of creating an ideal healthcare practice.