Our Affiliates

Beacon Hospital

Beacon Hospital is a medium-sized cancer specialist hospital equipped with 100 beds and more than 80 medical specialists.  Beacon Hospital provides cancer treatment using the latest Truebeam and Halcyon Radiotherapy.

Beacon Premier Wellness

Beacon Premier Wellness provides lifestyle personalisation as well as targeted and convenient solutions via medical nutrition therapy.

Beacon Mart

Beacon Mart is a one-stop health food store for your daily natural and healthy food products. We bring convenience to you by offering a variety of natural, organic, chemical-free and healthy grocery products under one roof.

Beacon Chicken

Beacon Chicken provides a source of 100% natural (free from hormones, antibiotics and heavy metals), nutritious and quality chicken meat and chicken products using their Specially Formulated Quality Feed and state-of-the-art farming methods. Their products are suitable for patients with health issues and health-conscious consumers.

Radiant Whole Food

Malaysia’s first organic certified processor and distributor since 2000. Radiant imports their own organic whole foods directly and distribute them in Malaysia and Asian countries.  Radiant is fully committed to bringing products from reliable sources and certified organic by recognized certification bodies. Radiant offers a large variety of products ranging from cooking to baking, groceries, body care and hair care.